Reclaiming Khazad-Dum

Emerald-Unit Twitter Feed

Ceveth 5th (July)

Thifthal Stonefist, @2CO/AxG/Galley/Mithril
The woods of Lothlorien are giving me the creeps. I just want to get underground #cantwait #damnelves #garrisondutysucks

Radok Lefthanded, @BG/Elk/Silver
I just had to punch the damn archer who tried to see whether he could see his reflexion on the Mirromere #sacrilege #dimrilldale #camplife

Klob Strongspear, @Cmdr/Yelr/Bronze
Folk in Battlegroup-West (BG-W) are mostly up the stairs now, good luck over the Redhorn pass, and see you somewhere in the old city #westgate #dimrillstairs

Erlich Drumteller, @drummer/BowG/Ice/Ardacer
Chillin’ with the boys by the shore of the Mirromere. Heard that we’re going in tomorrow. #dimrilldale #R&R


bongotastic bongotastic

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