Reclaiming Khazad-Dum

Emerald-Unit Twitter Feed - Ceveth 7th

Ceveth 7th (July)


Thifthal Stonefist, @2CO/AxG/Galley/Mithril
Apparently, the Eastern Gate Hall is full of dwarf bodies and they don’t know what to do with them. I’ve been standing still, shooting the breeze for an hour now. #Hhour #delay

Radok Lefthanded, @BG/Elk/Silver
The brass are sending those coots in Mithril first. That stinks. Someone must have buttered the hands that feeds. #feelingcheated


Thifthal Stonefist, @2CO/AxG/Galley/Mithril
We’ve been cutoff by wargs and big orcs, the CO is dead, me thinks. They are pouring from both sides. #cutoff #FirstLevel #wargs #KIA

Radok Lefthanded, @BG/Elk/Silver
Gror told Roghel MoonOath, our Attack-Lord, that they had to clear the East Gate Hall from the corpses of our ancestors before we enter. Apparently, the orcs have staked them in place. Assholes! #mad #vengeance


bongotastic bongotastic

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