Reclaiming Khazad-Dum

Emerald-Unit Twitter Feed - Ceveth 6th

Ceveth 6th (July)

Thifthal Stonefist, @2CO/AxG/Galley/Mithril
Early rising for us tomorrow. Galley will be in the middle of the formation and tasked to open the way to the Mazarbul Stairs! #order #Hhour

Radok Lefthanded, @BG/Elk/Silver
The brass are sending those coots in Mithril first. That stinks. Someone must have buttered the hands that feeds. #feelingcheated

Klob Strongspear, @Cmdr/Yelr/Bronze
Them ranger from the Viceroy came to do our job today. Although it sucks with that happen, they are a mean bunch. We’re to keep the mountainside free of pest for the big day! #ranger #orcshunter

Erlich Drumteller, @drummer/BowG/Ice/Ardacer
Some clowns in Slammer let orcs on the loose yesterday. I think that the Viceroy is punishing the unit for this. We are to pull guard duties in the Dale instead. #dimrilldale #pissedoff


bongotastic bongotastic

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